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Terms & Conditions

  1. No one knows your phone better than you. So please do the following before purchasing:
    • Obtain IMEI by dialling *#06# or from phone settings. Do NOT get it from the box or a sticker on the phone.
    • IMEI starting with 99 are not supported
    • Ensure that your phone can accept an unlock code by inserting a SIM from a different carrier. (Sample Picture)
    • Once the code is available, you will enter the code when prompted above
    • Blacklisted phones are not supported
    • Ensure phone is running stock firmware (not rooted, not running custom firmware, not jailbroken)
    • Check if your phone will work on your desired carrier after unlocking: http://www.willmyphonework.net/

  2. Unlock code with instructions will be sent to your email associated with your PayPal account used to make the payment.

  3. Delays happen. Turnaround times are estimates, not guarantees. The codes are often available much sooner than the posted timeframes but please allow for service delays, especially during evenings and weekends. Please do NOT order if you cannot wait. No refunds for your poor planning.

  4. All sales are FINAL. Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. Refunds only if code is not found or with clear video evidence of code failure. Video must show both the IMEI by dialling *#06# and an attempt to enter the code in one continuous cut. No refunds for wrong IMEI, carrier, or model. No refunds for hardlocked, rooted or jailbroken phones.

  5. You acknowledge that you have legal right to unlock the phone.

  6. Special Information for iPhones
    • Phone must be activated (put in a SIM and make a call)
    • Turn Off Find My iPhone and Log out of iCloud
    • If you are unsure of carrier, lock or activation status, purchase the iPhone GSX Report

  7. Special Information for Sony Phones
    • Dial *#*#7378423#*#* then access the Service Menu->SIM Lock
    • You will see the following menu:
    • [X] Network 10 <== This means there are 10 attempts remaining, if it says 0, it cannot be unlocked

  8. Special Information for Blackberry Phones
    • Open your back cover and find a PRD number, probably behind the battery or in the SIM area
    • If you have a RDV number, you will need to use the Worldwide Service
.: sms: 647.503.9964 | unlock@drivel.ca | toronto.ontario.canada :.
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